The farm Raaum is located on top of the world at Høylandet in the middle of Norway. From Værnes airport/Trondheim there is a 3 hours drive to get here. Do you want to fly even closer, Namsos Airport is one hour away. Our farm offers salmon fishing, mountain resort at a seter from 1910 , as well as grouse and capercaillie hunting.

Salmon fishing
Raaum Farm has two salmon fishing beats with a total river length of 4 km alongside Namsen. Namsen is the largest and best salmon river in Norway and is named The Queen of Rivers . Both beats are well suited and loved by flyfishing ethusiasts.  The beats is as follow :

– Raaum Beat has been leased over the decades and has many fishermen who rent 1 -3 weeks solid every year. The beat allows up to 4 anglers at a time on an river length of 2,5km . As accommodation we have a cabin with 4 beds and a hut with 3 bed benches and an open fireplace. Both are placed at our fish camp Raamoen. Combination of being close to the wilderness , untouched nature and being on your own , yet close to everything , enchants many .
Price : 2000 , – NOK day for fishing and accommodation.
Overview of available periods can be found here: Booking Raaum Beat

See Video from last year here: Big salmon beats fisher:)

– Kjøglum beat has been private for a long time and is this year made ​​available for angling enthusiasts again. The beat allows up to 4 anglers at a time on a river length of 1,5km. Accommodation for this beat at our stabbur on the farm with 4 beds. Combination of being close to the wilderness, untouched nature and being on your own , yet close to everything , enchants many.
Price : 2100 , – NOK day for fishing and overnight .
Overview of available periods can be found here : Booking Kjøglum Beat

Seter(Cabin) Holiday
Accompanying the farm there is a Seter from 1910. It was used for dairy farming until about 1945. Setra is maintained and is currently used as a recreation place and accommodation for families and grouse hunters. In Norway, there has in recent years become very popular to vacation in such places, far away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Setra is 45 minutes’ walk from the nearest road .

There is a marked trail all the way and relatively easy route up . In connection to the setra it is great hiking , own viewpoint, rivers , fishing and bathing , but not least raw nature. Setra is suitable for couples and families who want to experience something other than hotels, spas and all inclusive. One stay at our seter gives you experiences you remember for a lifetime.
Price : 500 , – NOK day
Overview of available periods can be found here : Booking Raaum Seter

Grouse and capercaillie hunting
We now rents out grouse and capercaillie hunting. Those who hunt at us are based on our seter. The seter lays in the middle of the hunting ground. Grouse and capercaillie hunt has until now been kept private. We have now decided to invite others  too experience hunting in stunning surroundings. In recent years, especially the population of capercaillie and black grouse have been very great. The farm and licensees include conscious with regards to game management and annually taken out foxes and martens to maintain and preferably increase small game populations .
Price : 500 NOK pr for hunting permits and accommodation.
Overview of available periods can be found here: Book hunting here

If you visit us for an experience you’ll get close to the hosts. We focus on service and wants everyone to enjoy a time of their life. At your wish we can be guides, bring supplies, or just tell you the local story.  The senior at the farm helps you transform your catch into smoked salmon at your request:)

Finally, we want queries in English, thanks.

You can call Maren at : +47 958 74 435
Or send E mail: [email protected]

Maren and Kay.
Martine, Kajsa and Mathea Augusta .
Ole Inge and Aslaug .